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Briefly in English

The Finnish Youth Association offers cultural hobbies, such as dance, theatre, circus, music, and sports, for all ages. Our main focus is in cultural youth work

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We are the oldest youth work organisation in Finland. We were establised in 1881. We have around 600 member clubs across Finland who operate mainly on volunteer basis. The majority of our member clubs are located in rural area. Our staff consists of art and youth work professionals. We have offices in Helsinki (Vantaa) and regional offices. We run several projects both regionally and nation-wide.

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About us

We organize events and courses, produce materials for use, and support the local clubs with their needs. 

  • We are responsible and inclusive future builder of communities
  • We enable experiences of participation and successThere are many ways to learngrow and engage in our organization
  • Our values are diversityinclusionembracing the sense of community and equality

The Finnish Youth Association club was founded in 1881 in Kauhava, Southern Ostrobothnia. A year later several clubs organized themselves into one regional association, and in 1897 the national association was formed. 

Culture, community and learning form the basis of our clubs. The aim is to generate genuine participation and let everybody's creativity show. For example, the instructors of our dance and theatre groups draw ideas and suggestions from the children, rather than giving a ready made choreography or manuscript. 

We are known for..

  • We move, we move people and people are moved by us
  • We support creativity
  • Activities build people's well-being
  • We have skilled instructors and volunteers
  • We make both our intangible and tangible cultural heritage visible
  • We support the sense of belonging (the sense of community)
  • We are active in the public, societal debate
  • We are the biggest organizer of communal events in Finland
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Interested in international cooperation?

Please contact our Secretary General:
Annina Laaksonen
+358 40 726 7450